Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The true believer..

"A bicycle is as good as its rider.."
Some old-timer once asked me: "Ey Sam ah, should I modify my bike from a single chainring to a double chainring ah?"
I told him that his bike was good enough.
His reason was not having enough 'leverage' to go fast and climb hills.
People doubt themselves sometimes.
And it is such that puts them in a very insecure feeling about their own abilities.
When you mix with other people in a social ride, you are bound to meet some Primadonnas, wannabes and has-beens.
Fortunately, there are more good people than the stupid ones.
And guys who try to influence newcomers to modify their bicycles just go fast and climb coconut trees are bad role models.

 "Humility: the road less traveled.."
In many ways, I find that experienced cyclists who look down on others because they have a cheap bike are despicable.
Its rare to find people who are sincere these days. But there are some out there who really lived up by their good examples.
To learn, you must learn to listen.
To progress, you shouldn't be afraid ask.

"Never doubt yourself.."
If you ever suffer from low self-esteem by comparing what you have with other people, you have lost the first battle.
But when you train and plan out what you want to do with yourself, many doors will open.
In short, never doubt yourself.
It takes a lot of self-sacrifice to get from one point to another. 
Through the learning process, one would gain some self-confidence as well as the skills and knowledge to tackle challenges on the road. 
I cite the example of German Heinz Stucke. 
This guy nails it on the head by traveling to 38 countries around the world on a 7-speed folding bike.
Stucke's adventures had inspired me to take on the road.
It was his personal achievements that motivated me to take bicycle touring on my Dahon Speed P8.
There is no reason why a Godzilla-sized person (hahaha! Some guy in the Lowyat Forums had cashed-in on this monster term to describe me) cannot go touring with a shitload of stuff.
My aim was not to go fast, but rather see things at my own pace.
And armed with a pocket camera, I was able to make the most of my trips.

"Every effort you put in, you gain a little more.."
I view cycling as a hobby. 
Its a long-term thing as well.
I've acquired the bicycles, now I yearn for more trips.
That's why its important to walk the talk when you have the opportunity.
I told myself that if I never do things I set to do, it will never be done. Just empty thrash talk.
And for that, I am proud of achieving my personal goals.
The road ahead is long and winding, but with the right mindset, its a mile at a time at my own pace because I know that eventually, I am gonna get there..

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十号山洞 said...

It's inspiring to read your blog... b4 that i was doubting to choose a foldies that suitable for me ... from KHS, Ori, then Dahon ... but after I read your story, "self-confidence" is more important then the brand. Good job, Sam!