Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ah Keong's new business venture

All good things goes to he who waits.. 

I met Ah Keong at an outdoor gear product expo some years back.
He struck me as a minimalist person who knows the jungle at the back of his palm.
As the years progressed, I learned more about this guy and his capabilities and began to appreciate his skillset as a nature expert and jungle trekker.
Sometime back, he told me about his dreams of setting up an outfitter's store.
A few guys including myself who were supportive of him had encouraged him to do so.
I also told him: "Dude, how long are you going to be employed and be unhappy?".
Guess that every man has his breaking point and when you deal with a boss that would even pimp his mother to get some attention, your days are counting.

The man: Keong with his ware...
A big move

Speaking from personal experience, most outfitters in the Klang Valley are 'hit and run' business. 
You pay through your nose, get ripped off and are left to bleed dry.
And also, sadly, people don't know what the sell and often look down on buyers who are not well-dressed. That is the situation that we are facing. Most retailers are retards.
But, having said that, there are those who made a difference.
Keong's new set-up may be a game-changer.
I love his honesty and down-to-earth approach when it comes to dealing with people.
This man has a lot of patience.
Outdoor Gear Malaysia or OGM is not new.
Keong started his business in a small-scale and progressed to a brick-and-mortar outlet.
He plans to do a grand opening in early January and I am counting the days.

Some photos of the new shop..

I believe that what Keong has to offer would bring our Malaysian standards at par with the stores in Singapore and Bangkok.
As a matter of fact, they have some 'firsts' in the trade.
Best of all, Keong is an experienced person who can lend his expertise on the tools of the trade. You can bet on it!
On the retail side, it takes all sorts.
You meet good people and also some idiots who knows everything. Patience is a virtue and I guess with Keong's good attitude, things are gonna be smooth..
On that note, I wish him the best in his future endeavours..

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