Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Your health, is your wealth..

A face that I'd never expect to see..
Nice guy Eddie showed me a photo of a man on his Facebook.
He was frail-looking, his face was sunken and he was carrying a walking stick on one hand and the other hand was clasp tightly.
I immediately recognised the guy.
Once upon a time, he was mighty and powerful.
People greet him out of fear, not respect.
But that was a long time ago. Regime change in the establishment saw his untimely departure.
During his reign, he had a heart bypass surgery.
Recently, the man had a stroke.
I can only wish him a speedy recovery.
When you have a title, wealth, a position with power, nothing can replaces good health.
I think the man has been warned. 
Today, he will have to live with his disability for the rest of his remaining life.
Only the lucky ones die instantly, while the wicked ones are left to suffer..

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