Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Better safe than sorry..

The Garmin Oregon 300 will see some action in the US next month..

I spent half the day at Setia Alam near Klang.
My mission was to get the GPS units - both in-vehicle and handheld ready for our US trip in three week's time.
And while I was at it, my nose was leaking like hell.
Later, I learned that one of the family member in my wife's clan had the swine flu.
How interesting can this get?
First on the list, was getting the Garmin NUVI 600 and Oregon 300 updated and loaded with the latest Malaysia maps.
Next, a US map with the city navigator was in hand.
Lucky for me, the map charges didn't cost me my left kidney.
Everything checked out allright and I have Edward of ECMS to thank for the updates and new United States map.
We plan to hit the road right after the USN Gathering in Vegas.
First on sight, is the Hoover Dam. Michelle and I are thinking of a daytrip excursion.
Perhaps driving would be more fun. So, the next order is an international driving permit. This can be obtained from the Road Transport Department.
The other preparation was my luggage. If I am to haul, it would be my Osprey Crescent 75 backpack.
Last time this baby saw action was in 2002 when I toured the Czech Republic, Engladn and Portugal.
Now, its in shambles as humidity had worn out the pack's fabric.
Was thinking of getting a Samsonite soft luggage, but the prices are totally rediculous.
Seems that the agent's showrooms are having a sale, but most of the good stuff had been snagged off, leaving scraps for thoughts.
August, as it seems, will really shoot past quickly as the first week of this month ends this weekend.
That leaves me three weeks to get a few things sorted out like the logistics to the Grand Canyon.
I need to check out the point of interest, lodging and logistics. This task was handed out to me by my wife.
Apart from that, I also need to stock up on my Food Trail articles and this would have contingency plans right up to the middle of September...
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