Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The floor plan...

With six days left to the USN Gathering, I am really looking forward to my second
knifeshow in the US.I first attended one of such event at the New York Custom Knife show in NYC
some nine years ago.It was an eye-opening experience and now that I've come to appreciate knives
even more, the USN Gathering would be a real treat.Larry Brahms who had done an excellent job of putting up the show and the floor
plan has been laid.I think I am going to spend a great deal of time in Planet Hollywood checking out
exhibitors like Ernest Emerson of Emerson knives, the TADgear booth and the
Striderguys who are participating there.Back at the NYCKS, I met Emerson in person and purchased a knife from him. He
is one of the nicest knifemaker I've met.As for the Striderguys, I first saw their knives at NYC during the same show. At
that time, I wasn't impressed at what they had to offer.Most of their blades are meant for military use and what got me hooked, was their
assurance to quality.The knives are waranteed unconditionally. At the Strider booth, there is one folding knife that I am eagerly anticipating. Its the
Framelock AR which is said to be a talk of the show.Apart from knives, there are also gear people who are going to showcase their
goods in Vegas.Some of the guys that I am rather excited to meet at the TADguys.I've been using some of their goods for a while and since the whole jimbang is at
the Gathering..
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