Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiru macam saya.. (Imitate me..)

Originality defines a person.
What more I can say about the '33 Food Hotspots in KL' guide.
I was going throught the archives and found a covershot of the Star's Perak Good Food guide and man, the cover layout of both guidebooks looked similar.
The only exception is the number of picture used. And both books had an orange outline as well.
This goes to say that whoever came up with the concept of the hotspot guide should do some market research and check on what others had done.
Some contacts of mine agreed that the new book had played up a lot of lousy food outlets and were mostly reviewed by their authors in the past.
So, speaking of re-hashing stories and recycling old stuff, I guess this guidebook is not as 'hot' as expected.
To sum it up -- if you have RM60, spend wisely!
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