Sunday, August 2, 2009

More reason to hug my Grinchskies..

Our boy is turning five this year..

The Coonkid is already four, but she still yaps instead of bark..

A mutual acquaintance of ours had lost her dog.
It was a pure white Siberian Husky which is barely a year old. The girl and her boyfriend was at work when their pooch died.
I read with sadness on her dedication to her pet. Having seen that, I love my kids even more.
They spend at least 12 hours at home alone without supervision and so far, God has been kind.
Other than de-ticking my girl and ocassionally facing some skin problems, my Huskies are fine.
The fear that someday, some asshat may toss over a piece of meat laced with poison looms over my mind each time I close the gate behind them before I head off for work.
But so far, so good. Never tempt faith.
My boy had been keeping the home safe and strangely for a Husky, he's a good guard dog. Anyone that can walk away with my dog would be the girl. She's too friendly.
That said, we hope to have as many good years as possible with the kids. They are the reason why we are a family..
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