Sunday, August 16, 2009

The week that was..

There goes the weekend.We didn't do much on Saturday as time was spent at a funeral.Michelle's uncle died after a bout with AH1N1 on Friday and we were at the wake
througout Saturday and the later part of Sunday.The man was 65-years-old and left behind a wife and two kids.On Sunday morning, we chilled out at the Universiti Putra Malaysia fair grounds at
Dogathon 2009.It was great to have the kids out after a long absense.We checked out the place and had a good time socialising with other dog owners.After that, we went back to the funeral where the last rites were administered by
Thai Buddhist monks.The remains of man was cremated at the MBPJ crematorium.As for the rest of the evening, I struggled with preparing dinner and crashed rather
early cos I was dead tired..
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