Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wardrobe malfunction..

While getting prepped up for work this morning, I realised that my pants was missing one button.
And when I looked at all the possible replacements on this pair, there were none.
I am so fat these days, even the pants are bursting on its seams.
That said, its time to revamp the wardrobe.
The slacking part is to shop for clothing because I can never get the correct size and fitting.
I love my garbs plain and simple and sadly for big guys here in Malaysia, sizing is a perennial issue.
Mail order is a solution, but if you factor in the cost of freight and foreign currency exchange, some of these clothings can be very expensive.
And to make matters worse, imported garments are also taxable.
I guess that a trip to the nearest Dockers outlet would provide some solution to the wardrobe crisis that I am currently facing..
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