Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Framelock Strider AR

My next folding knife would be a Strider Framelock AR.What's the big deal?
Well, the AR was my first folding knife from Strider Knives which I procured five years ago from a dealer in Virginia, US.
It served me well as a general-purpose knife, sharp as hell and took some harsh punishment while I used it in the field.
A few years later, I scored a deal from a friend in Texas. He sold me a hollow-ground AR which is also numbered.
These were hand-ground, assembled and tuned by the maker Mick Strider himself.
And I also scored a 15th Annivesary AR from my dealer friend in Virginia last year.
This makes a wholesome threesome and the family is going to get bigger with the framelock AR.Hopefully, I would be able to see it up close at the USN Gathering in Vegas next month.
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