Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Gathering

One more week to go.

That's how fast time flies as we prepare ourselves for the extra long haul to Los
Angeles where we will transit to Las Vegas.Michelle had booked our stay in LA as the last leg of the US tour.

And on the USN Gathering which we are attending for the first time, organiser Eric
Blair said all 450 rooms that were part of the contractual obligation for the event
was fully booked.

I am pretty excited and am looking forward to meet some old acquaintances and
friends such as knife designer Liong Mah from NYC whom I last saw some nine
years ago in New York.

Also on the list, is Dave Abrams @ Lifter, the Mayor of the USN, the Blairs, Tom
Krein, Tom Mayo and a long list of Suspects who helped out in co-sponsoring my
trip and members of the USN nation.

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