Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The scent of death..

Sunday was a fine day for us.
But not to some friends who lost their dogs.
Two Huskies were stolen and one died of overheating.
I don't have the full details but having studied the situation, the death could have been prevented.
Dogs with double coat are vulnerable to the heat and it is a known fact that prolonged exposure to the sun and mid-day heat could complicate things.
And at the first place, is the pooch fit enough to go through such an extreme condition?
The circumstance that surrounds its deteriorated condition and untimely death could be related to acclimatisation and negligence.
When we take our pooches out, we carry plenty of water and place them in shaded areas under the hot sun.
This helps to cool them off and prevent overheating.
They are also never overexerted in the hot sun.
As for timing, I never let my pooches stay too long in the heat. When its time to go, its time to go.
What also puzzled me was how the owners reacted under stress.
The fair ground where the Dogathon was held was a veterinary school. Why didn't they seek help from the vets on the scene?
Its strange because that would be the first response.
Right now, I can only speculate. Much of the truth is yet to be heard..

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