Friday, May 18, 2012

And now, back to the regular Tern programming..

Peace talk
I've decided to end six months of hostility with K2 Asia. 
These are the guys who market Tern Bicycle in Malaysia.
One of the key guys had apologized and admitted to the mistakes and shortcomings.
During a sit-down session yesterday, I voiced out my grouses and it was heard.

The word from Taiwan
Some months back, I was corresponding with Joshua Hon, VP for Mobility Holdings who owns Tern Bicycles about the possibilities of reviewing the Eclipse S111, winner of the 2011 Eurobike Best Design Award.
I saw the bike last year at the Tern Malaysia launch and fell in love with it.
Josh made mention of this after I previewed the Tern Link P9 and said he would talk to K2 Asia about making the bike available for a hand-on and detailed look.
I was surprised to find out that the RM7.7k bike was actually stuck at the Rodalink showroom in Bandar Botanic, Klang.
Six months has nearly passed and the Eclipse S11i is still wrapped in the box.

New accessories: The Kanga rack system

A true winner: The Eclipse S11i
Tern Bicycle's consumer project manager Eric Mah had sent down a Kanga rack with a luggage truss adapter to go with the Eclipse S11i.
This is an awesome package and I am very impressed with the quality, fit and finish on this product.
The Tern Eclipse S11i, on the other hand, is a classy ride.
It's also a head-terner.
As I wheeled it into my office, Ah Wai Kor, the head honcho was stopped dead on his track.
He is a Tern owner who rides a Link D8 and actually said that the Eclipse is a beautiful bike.
Some guys from the office actually made a bee-line to check out the bike. Its really a dream machine..
So, that said, this weekend, I will take it out a spin and a long-distance ride next weekend..
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