Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cycle a Tern to work day - Part 2

The clock is ticking
By 5pm, I was done for the day.
My worry, was the weather as the skies seemed gloomy.
The distance from Section 16 to USJ 26 is much shorter than the other way round.
My mission, is to ride towards Jalan 223 and enter the Federal Highway motorcycle lane.
With that in mind, I am also going with the peak hour flow and its a true nightmare!

The peak hour rush
Bikes were whizzing away and the trend that I've noticed was this: If you pack a helmet with all the safety gear, they will avoid you.
Only one or two idiots rode past really fast, barely missing me by inches.
But that said, the bikers were an orderly lot.
So, after riding non-stop for 25 minutes, I decided to take a break below a flyover.
This is my favourite spot near the Guinness Anchor brewery near Sungai Way.

Watching the world go by..
On the Federal Highway, things are looking good.
I cycled towards the Seri Setia Komuter station and saw a young traffic cop.
He nodded at me and to return the good gesture, I raised my right hand.
From there, it was a straight run towards the Kewajipan roundabout.
This is one of the toughest stage in the ride.
But since traffic was moving so slow, it was really easy to clear the small roundabout.
I was on the road towards Summit and I knew that at this point, after crossing the KESAS highway, I am bound for home.
To date, I have already clocked-in more than 17km with a pedal an a-half.
The bike was 'wounded', but it performed really well.
A busted pedal means a lot of discomfort. That was all.

The 'real' cycle to work dude: Overtaking a foreign worker in Persiaran Tujuan
On the home stretch
I knew that I was on a safe side after entering Persiaran Tujuan.
From there, the ride was a breeze.
Traffic was surprisingly light as I made my way to the end of the LDP highway.
Despite the shortcomings, I was mentally psyched to get home.
I knew that the Eclipse was a reliable means of transport to do the job.

The home marker: Near Putra Heights exit
After riding for one and a-half hours, I finally reached home.
My dogs were just too happy to see me.
The ride to work had panned out the way I had planned it.
In our hot and humid weather, middle-distance rides to the workplace would be tough as one had to manouver through heavy traffic. That said, you have to sum up enough courage to do so.
Way I see it, some people ride to work once a year on 'Car Free Day' and the real commuter who does so are far and few in between.
As far as the Tern Eclipse is concerned, its one classy commuter's ride. And I think that folks who are willing to spend money on a good bike as such would appreciate the good components that were thrown in to make the ride even smoother...
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