Monday, May 28, 2012

Bike Fridays are here!

It's here!
I made a beeline to Johnny Ng's store in BU4 at Bandar Utama this afternoon.
Passed him some promotional materials and saw two Bike Fridays hung in front of the store.
There was a Hyperfold Tikit on the left and a Pocket Rocket 2012 Select on the right hand side.
Both bikes were shown to the public and are for sale.

I was told that the PR 2012 has a pricetag of RM8.9K.
The frameset looks really solid, but for a hefty sum of nearly nine grand, I think it should be outfitted with better components.
Doc Andy Ng's BF hyperfold Tikit was also shown at the store.
The BF Pocket Llama is also here. Not sure how much this one would cost.
Seems that some Folding Bike legends have already tried out the PR and Tikit.. 

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