Friday, May 25, 2012

Gone full-frame..

Two years of planning falls in place..
I picked up my Canon EOS 5DmkIII body a couple of days ago.
This was the most highly anticipated event of the year.
I have ceased from buying any new bicycle in light of getting the 5DmkIII which has been tremendously improved from its predecessor: the 5DmkII.
Two years ago, I made a bold move by acquiring a cropped frame D-SLR: the Canon EOS 7D.
It was my first system in years and I had mainly focussed on nature photography.
I had intensified my macro photography outings and learned from the best in the business.
Still, there's a long way to go.

My working 50s
Oh wow!
The last 35mm camera I worked with was a Nikon F4s and F4E. 
I had a selection of lenses and one of my working glass was an AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4 'standard'  lens.
As far as I could remember, it gave me some really good shots.
The Nikons were retired in 1995 when I became a reporter.
But once a while, I did take them out for assignments till it permanently became entombed in a dry box.
So, to live up the good old days, I've acquired a Canon EF 50mm F1.2L 'Standard' lens to go with my full-frame body.
And when I got it, it was really amazing.
Now, I appreciate my EF17-40mm F4.0L wideangle zoom lens even more.
There's no more crop factor and the images are just amazing.

The full-frame body and its 'Standard' lens

Simply awesome: The 5DmkIII
Stepping up the learning curve
I guess I have a long way to go by getting used to the controls on the 5DmkIII.
The camera is similar in appearance compared to the 7D.
But its a different system altogether.
With a 50mm F1.2L locked-in, the camera is pretty hefty. I love it!
I will spending a reasonable amount on time on my macro work, to catalog and build up a collection of jumping spiders.
This means, the outings will be intensified with a renewed interest in night macro.

The workhorse: EOS 5DmkIII
It's okay, I'm already dead..
I have worked very hard for this new system.
I plan to utilise it to the fullest and I am prepared to face the shitstorm from my other half if there's any.
In a world that is seemingly cruel and nasty where nobody gives a fuck, I stand firmly on my own two feet to say that the least I did, was to reward myself for all the hours I've put in to make this work.
With the 5DmkIII in hand, its total satisfaction!
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