Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sometimes, I get fucked...

Ahhhh, believe the hype!
A co-worker of mine said: "Eh Sam! You should try this cafe at Ben's Independent Grocer in Publika, its called 'Swine' and its got some really cool pork dishes.."
So, having heard what he said, I took it really seriously.
Today, I drove to Publika near Jalan Duta. 
It's a high-class area and this complex in particular, caters for yuppies, the new-rich, wannbes and posers.
The last time I had some food there was at a Burger joint. Which sucked.

High-class grocery shop
Ben's Independent Grocery store is a high-class joint. You can liken it to Singapore's Jason's Market Place.
I found the makan place in the Pork butchery. Really high-class.
There were some yuppies and high-end office people already eating there. 
One or two stole glances as I entered the place and found a table right at the end.
A waitress dropped the menu. 
Nothing much, but a set of meals that are entirely meat-based.
I ordered a Hainanese Pork Chop.
My benchmark is Yut Kee's Pork Chop. If they can match this place, then they are good.
Eddie, my co-worker ordered some funky lemongrass Pork Chop.
For side orders, I ordered a plate of Siew Yuk (Roasted Pork).

Pretty stylish bling-bling signboard

Cosy set-up
Absolutely pathetic pork dishes...
Service at this makan place was prompt.
As soon as I've returned to my table from the men's room, I can see a plate of Siew Yuk. 
Six pieces, placed nicely on a bed of Japanese cucumber and some shredded spring onions.
Now, the shocking part was this: six pieces of Siew Yuk that is as hard as leather and a real poor attempt to produce a chilli sauce which is similar to what you eat at chicken rice stalls.
Next, my Hainanese Pork Chop came.
For RM26 a pop, it was the most pathetic dish of the entire lot. Truly amateur.
Its nowhere compared to Yut Kee.
Any Hainanese cook would roll in his grave!
I can't say much about the lemongrass pork chop.

Fucked over!
I called for the bill.
This was prompt. In a flash it arrived. Total was RM81.20.
The charge was for two main dishes and one side.
We only drank water. I guess that if we've had coffee, the bill would easily breach RM100.
Nobody likes to get ripped-off and in the case of Swine, I guess this is not the place to makan. Lousy food and utterly expensive.
They can fuck the yuppies and strangle the rich people who live around the neighbourhood.
Way I see it, only losers would hang out in this place regularly.

Fucking pork chop for losers...
A word to the co-worker...
I went back to work and my colleague was seated at his desk.
Then I said: "Dude, you have poor taste in food. I tried your recommendations and it sucks. Totally sucks ass!"
It was a painful RM81 lesson. So, moral of the story: If a person who knows nothing about good food talks cock, sing-song and plays mahjong, you better ignore him completely.
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