Monday, May 21, 2012

Close, but no cigars...

Good reporters are hard to find these days..
The NST came up with a decent article today on their 'Streets' section featuring the MPSJ's Cycle Fest 2012.
When I was having a conversation with some middle-aged dude, a girl came by and asked us where the organizer's booth was. 
We pointed her to the right direction and I noticed that she was wearing a media tag. Couldn't make heads or tails on whether she was a trainee, stringer or a full-time staff.

The article that appeared today..
 Later, the girl made her exit and stopped by to ask a few questions.
The first thing she did, was to get my name. So, I gave her my initials and Surname.
Then, she asked for my cellphone number and started taking notes on a piece of paper.
"Are you taking part?," she asked.
"No, I am just a spectator. I came here to support some Foldies who are taking part in the Folding Bike race," I responded.
She even asked me about the Tern Eclipse S11i which was parked near the starting grid.
From the initial contact to the time she left, the reporter spent no less than 30-minutes on the scene. And the results? A half-assed story on Streets.. Hahahahah! I mentioned 'Foldies' and was quoted as lending support to my 'Fixie' friends. What an ass!

Here's the on-line version I plucked from the NST's website: 

THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) recently held its inaugural Cycle Fest MPSJ 2012 where cyclists were flagged off from the council's headquarters.
The one-day event was a collaboration with Selangor Cycling Race Club and the police.

It was participated by both members of the public and also council staff.

Over 300 professional and amateur cyclists took part in the ride.

MPSJ president Datuk Asmawi Kasbi said the council was   still looking for a  place for the public to  cycle.

The Cycle Fest features three categories  -- namely, road, mountain bike, and others, which included fixies (fixed-gear bicycles), folding bikes and bikes for persons with disabilities.

Apart from the cycling race, another activity held was the  soccer for kids.

A visitor, P.M. Cheong, who was there to support his friends riding fixies, said the event would attract more people to start cycling.

"There are a few cycling groups in  Subang Jaya and with the hosting of this event, it will encourage   more people to  take up cycling," he said.

Cheong also said events such as this would bring the family together to enjoy sports activities during the weekends.

Rosli Che Di, 42, was there to cheer on  his son who took part in the amateur category.

Cyclist Luth Abdul Shared, 31, from Ampang, said he hoped that the organiser would reduce the RM50 participation fee.

The event was officiated by Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.
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