Monday, May 28, 2012

Tales of the Blue Tiger Beetle

It came out of nowhere..
I first captured a Blue Tiger Beetle on camera three years ago.
At the time, I was using a 50mm F2.5 compact macro lens.
The closest I could go, was a cropped shot of the magnificent beetle which is easily spoofed.
You can't even get close to this bug as its pretty skittish.
Following the first encounter, I made two more captures. Most of the shots were not even clear.
Today, while trampling the Sg Tua Forest Park, I came across a few Blue Tiger Beetles.
Most were too skittish to capture.
One in particular, actually stood still.
I pressed my camera's shutter button and as the flash fired - three shots were recorded.
Later, after a review, only two shots were acceptable.

Tiger beetles are predatory insects. 
But from time-to-time, they too get eaten up.
My last capture was a dead beetle which was eaten up by a crab spider.

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PetsLady,com said...

Super cool shot Sam!

I am hoping you would be willing to share a link to this article on your post on tiger beetles? Most people are not aware that Tiger Beetles can be pets.

Planet's Coolest Critters - Tiger Beetles

Thanks for taking a look and for letting us share this link with your readers if you think it suitable.