Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Say: Kanga!

Oh wow!
I received my Tern Eclipse S11i with a set of Kanga rack and a Tern luggage truss.
Initially, I told the K2 Asia representative to take it back.
But he said: "Eric insisted that you try it out.."
Having heard that, I bowed into pressure.
So, all good things said and done, I mounted the Tern luggage truss and later, fitted the Kanga.
This was really easy as the instructions were very clear.
There's even a VR code that you can scan on your Android phone or iphone to see the instruction videos. Now, how much cooler can that be? 

The Kanga blends-in very well with the  24" ride
It's cool, it works, it rocks!
Overall built-quality of the Kanga rack is top-notched! 
There is a harness that enables you to strap-on your satchel and helmet while you ride.
The buckles are adjustable to allow a snug-fit.
Even the luggage truss is something that I truly marvel at.
Its high-quality and actually made by Klick-fix, a German-based company.
So, don't be shocked at the RM190 retail price for the Kanga rack and another RM140 for the luggage truss.
In order to fit a Kanga onto your Tern, you'll need the luggage truss. So, that's roughly about RM330 investment for further enhancing your bike.

My trusty Pango folding helmet on the Kanga rack

Who benefits?
Well, having seen the practical use of the rack, I'd say that those who cycle to work would really get a bang out of their buck for the rack.
Perhaps the best time to invest in one is during Rodalink's year-end or mid-year sale. There might be a 'suicide' pricing for the rack and luggage truss.
As for me, well, the Kanga goes back with the Eclipse S11i to K2 Asia once my evaluation period is up... 
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