Friday, May 11, 2012

Bikepacking, Rawang - Sekinchan Expedition, Part 4

Out of the swamp
We cleared the sandmine and peat swamp with ease.
By the time we made our exit from the Raja Muda Musa area, our water bottles were almost empty.
I was praying for a shop or stall nearby where we can refill our drinking water.
Well, lo and behold! 
There was a Malay stall on the right hand-side of the road.
Siang and Chris who were the strongest cyclists of the lot had made a detour.
This is our rest stop as we took shelter from the scorching Sun.

At the peat swamp
Getting out of the swampy area
Refreshment break at Taman Raja Musa
After the refreshment break, we made our way towards the Sungai Tengi canal.
It was a straight-forward ride and as we approached a junction in the area, Tan got into trouble.
I overtook the man on the paved road and could clearly see that he was struggling. 
Even at the sandmines, he complained of his leg muscles tightening up.
As soon as he got down from his bike, Tan's thighs started to go into spasms.
I tried to seat him on the ground so that he could be more comfortable and took out my Deep Heat spray to administer First Aid.
The spray provides temporary relief.
Chris observed that Tan had not been taking any isotonic drinks.
Instead, he drank plenty of water.
On such a case, it is important to replenish our electrolytes as the body slowly depletes the mineral.
Lactic acid build-up causes cramps and this can be prevented.
Tan, who was in agonising pain, ripped up a pack of oral rehydration salt.
I gave him two Hammer Electrolyte capsules to consume as well.
About 10-minutes later, Tan was ready to give up.
This was the time Chris had decided to tow Tan on his Birdy all the way to Sekinchan.
As far as teamwork is concerned, I haven't come across anyone who is willing to sacrifice for a fellow cyclist. Well-done Chris!
With an injured cyclist, we slowly made our way to Sungai Tengi.
Its another 20km to Sekinchan from this point...

Man down: Tan being given First Aid

Riding at Sungai Tengi

The road to Sekinchan
  The final push
By the time we cycled along Sungai Tengi, we have done nearly 50km.
Our butts are starting to hurt and morale was still good among the cyclists.
What Chris had shown, was very inspiring and motivational. With 12km to go, I told Chris that the first order of the day, was a cold beer treat.

Cycling on the paddy fields
 With the down-time as a factor, we've added more haste to the ride.
On the GPS, we have spent about 8 hours cycling and taking breaks.
Tan, who was being towed by Chris had shown some relief.
We slowly made our way to Sekinchan A village which is about 7km away from town.
At this point, I knew that a hot shower was in order and the beers and seafood are waiting at the dinner table.

All in the day's work: Arrival at our hotel
We hit Sekinchan at about 6:30pm and made arrangements to walk to a restaurant at the fringe of the paddy fields for dinner.. That was the way we had planned things out..
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