Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back in the game..

Some flowers I shot yesterday

My lunch

Sir Naughty

My Gurl

The kidz at play

I made the move to equip myself with a Canon Digital-SLR camera in late
December. Why? Because I want to take advantage of their 3-year warranty offer.After much research, I landed myself with the Canon EOS7D digital-SLR and after
a week of using this awesome photographic tool, I'd say things are picking up a bit.I found the 7D to be very responsive and even with a kit lens, I am able to snap
some decent shots of the kids.To get the most of it, I've added a BG-E7 battery grip and a spare LP-E6 battery.These are bundled into the pricing which was excellent compared to what most
retail stores have to offer.Quality wise, the 7D is top-notched!Its built solid and with the EF-S18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS kit lens, much of the photos
are crisp and clear.The one thing that I have yet to master is digital post processing.I am rather hesitant in doctoring my shots because I like to see things the way
they are.Yet, there is much to be learned and I hope that in the months to come, I'll be able
to fully utilise the 7D photographic system.

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