Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I hate birthdays.

And to rub salt onto the wound, I keep hearing stories about how wonderful
birthdays are.

Guys getting their dream presents from their girlfriends, wife, siblings and so on
made such an auspicious day a very happy moment.
Over the years, I was tormented with the fact that I have to work on my birthdays.
And I never did get any cool stuff as presents too.
I worked my ass off for my share of the good times when it comes to toys and stuff.
As for the giving part, I never had any problems getting other people their birthday
To me, its a formality and a courtesy gesture.In the years that I gave, I never did get back.
This situation suck even bigger time when guys brag about getting some super birthday gifts like watches, knives, cameras and some cool gadgets.
Of course I don't envy them cos some of them deserve what they get.
Way I see it, the only joyous moment I cherish is the good life, excellent food outings, the wonderful crowd that I have as friends, my fabulous wife and my kidz.

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