Monday, July 21, 2008

And so it ends...

This one is an excellent table-sized squid!
Too close for comfort - the rig being towed..
Our vessel collided with the rig minutes after this shot was taken..
Man of the day: Ryota and his catch
I hope to see my Japanese friend again in next year's outing..

Squid season that is. Well, for me. Time to concentrate on other projects as half the year has slipped past me. There are some interesting times ahead. I pursued the squid over a period of three months and found that this year's outing wasn't that interesting.

The yields are much lower and much of the factor was attributed to weather. I can't believe it! The season opening was so disappointing and well, mid-way through the season, there was the tail end of the Hurricaine and simply bad weather.

Saturday's trip was excellent cos we hit the right spot. It was marred with an incident where our boat's anchor line was snagged by an oil rig which was towed by a supply boat. What an ass! Our vessels collided and thankfully, no one was hurt.

I was rather surprised with Pak Ibrahim, my boatman who was so calm. He actually went after the supply boat. And we wasted one and a-half hours trying to get out of the scene.

But the weather proved to be too much for most of us. I made a decision to call i a day after a good catch quota. Yesterday, we had a feast at Ryota Hazishume's and well, like all places doing business, they've started to charge for the okizuke, (sake supplied by Eddie) and other squid stuff. I thought it was decent, by the incident with the restaurant's cook left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Anyways, all good things said and done, I hope to head to the farm sometime in mid-August to catch up with Ah Pan and Maggie's family...
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