Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got money, no kaki...

My good friend Ah Pan once said: "Got money, no kaki". He was referring to a certain corporate guy. I my opinion, when a person becomes big, he is either humble with a low-key presence, or bloated with an ego only a Goodyear blimp can contain.

Sad but true cos I have been naive all these years. I generously contribute to the said person's quest for good gear. When you become friends, you don't have any hidden agendas. I paved the way for the guy and his family to get his gear, discounts and even took his pack across the causeway, risking taxation and all that jive.

And I don't expect anything. Rich people stay rich because they use other people for their personal gains. I think I am 95% spot-on in this matter. They fuck the average guy to achieve their goals.

Similarly, I received a call from another corporate guy. He wanted me to review the Suunto Mosquito diving watch. Yes, I do all the monkey work, he gets a free watch. "Why not? You should review it and give the watch to me! People benefit from it.." I would never forget the statement. And coming from a top exec in a multinational firm, that's just way disgusting and lowly.

The guy earns a five-figure paycheck and can easily buy three or more watches. But why stoop so low? Do I owe him a living? Another incident took place when I was nursing my broken leg. A senior in my secondary school dropped by my aunt's place where I stayed after I was discharged from hospital after a month.

"Let's start a business together. How much is the outlay for an outfitter's store?" So, I gave the bugger the lowdown and he nearly fell off his chair. "No lah, you do everything, I back you up", which literally translates : Do all the work, I count the money. So, naturally, I told him that he knew fuckall about the industry. He had no contacts and knowledge. I haven't heard or seen him ever since. Too bad.

Rich folks will get richer and the poor will always get fucked. I am not preaching on being selfish, is just that we have to be more alert because each time the emotional card is flashed, someone is gonna be a sucker without even realising it. That, is a fact.
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