Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aaahhh.. End of the month...

I was living on the edge. With less than RM50 in my pocket, I am gambling with less-than a quarter tank of petrol in the car to move about.

As for the month of July, I am totally washed out. Living on the red-line. Guess all the patience and prudence paid off when the paycheck got banked-in today.

The Union boys have got plenty to laugh about cos its bonus time again. They received 16months in arrears for a 14.5% increament in their pay scale.

We are talking about a minimum of 10k in the payroll for those earning above RM3k. So, I am speaking about many many happy people in the newsroom today. *sigh!*

Well, its nearly August and I can't wait for time to fast-forward to December and eventually, kick in the Chinese New Year.

It SUCKS to be living on the edge -- not knowing what the next day will hold when you are financially stretching it.
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