Monday, July 7, 2008

You've got gas!

"Pffffffttttt!!!! Blorrrrrpppp!!!" Ever had those moments? Gas. Yes, its embarassing. Musta been last night's noodles. And stale pepper. I've been struggling with flatulence or well, in a more common term : 'Gas' for the last few hours.

Its a sucky feeling cos the stomach will get bloated and there's plenty of air movement in my intestines. I wish I could fire it off willingly, but the air-conditioned environment won't be so kind to the others working around me.

I might end up killing more people here than Union Carbide in Bhopal! Ugh.. Anyways, discreetly, I've been running some covert ops to the gent's to expunge the excessive weapons of mess destruction.

My only saving grace is that each time I released the gas, it a dry one..
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