Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shit happens..

You make mistakes that are sometimes way before you know it. And you know what, I thought I had a smooth day.

It wasn't until 9:35pm when the phone rang. It was a number from the office. I rang back and no one answered.

To get a clearer picture, I called Fred, the second in command. He told me that someone by the name of Agnes was frantically trying to get hold of me.

In a flash, it rang a bell. It was the woman I called up on last Thursday to fix an appoinment. It didn't cross my mind that an interview was set for Tuesday nite. I am still in 'Monday' mode cos I started work today.

Trying to explain things to a hysterical lady is like pouring petrol into a raging flame. So, I told her that everything has been arranged with the exception that it was a day later.

I apologized. She wanted to press for a free dinner and I would make sure that such will never take place.

Yes. I made a boo boo of myself. She said she was embarassed. And for a moment in my life, it sounded as if my career had just gone down the drain. So, moral of the story: Check and double check. Computers can be tricky to the eyes..
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