Sunday, July 27, 2008

Manic Monday..

I have received countless of phonecalls yesterday from readers who wanted the location of a restaurant which was reviewed in the Sunday Metro food section.

Sadly, no one from the desk was around to take calls. The readers were mad because they spent hours searching for the makan place.

And this morning, the strangest thing happened. An Ah Beng rang up and on the end of the line, demanded a correction.
I told him that its standard procedure to do so and he demanded another half-page write-up to go with it.

My reaction was : no such thing. Then the caller threatened to inform the bosses. Which I told him to do so because its the right thing to do.

He said : "I want no issue out of this.." And went on and on and on and on about 'doing the right thing'.

What the Blue fucks is wrong with this guy? My boss pulled me aside and told me to pass the call directly to the Sunday Metro Editor. It was their mess at the first place.

What is the big deal here? One food review with some missing facts. Small thing. And yet, the bugger rang up again and again.

If you have read the story on Sunday Metro's page 10, I don't see the big hoo-haah. Just that some people are so stupid, they raise your blood pressure unecassarily...
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