Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday can be full of stupid people..

Phone duty. Either you love it, or hate it. I got no choice. My job. Sometimes, I hear a sweet voice at the end of the line, asking for confirmation on whether a fax has gone through or simply checking the status of a Press Release which was posted over the internet.

Sometimes, I get calls from assholes. They wanted a reporter to be sent to their location instantly. Yeah, so there is an issue to be covered, but hearing from an emotional bugger, nothing seems clear and rational.

And these folks can really crank up your blood pressure too. More than often, they are abusive, demanding. Usually, they won't hear you, but instead, wanted things done their way. Hence - the 'I am RIGHT' syndrome.

I get cranky fellas on the end of the line. Asking stupid questions and demanding for phone numbers to be given to them or call the authorities to complain this and that. Again, these are assholes who can't do things for themselves and expect a stranger to advocate things for them. How lame can they get?

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