Thursday, July 10, 2008

Telephone etiquette

I must admit that taking calls is a skill. Being on the desk, I get calls everyday. Some are pleasant, and at times, there are a few that pisses me off. Phone calls are impersonal. You don't know the person at the end of the line and sometimes, they tend to be very imposing and offensive.

This morning, I took a call from a stranger who did not want to identify himself. Fucking Chinaman had the audacity to say: "No, you don't ask question, just take down my number and message." I restrained from using the F-word. It was a call for a colleague of mine and well, if the guy is nice, maybe I can get the call forwarded.

He refused to leave his name first. Strange. Which motherfucking parents bore him as a child? Where the flying fuck did he go to school? Only he knows.

Anyways, that piece of shit on the other end of the line had succeeded in two things: 1) raised my blood pressure and 2) pissed me off.

But a job is a job. I took down the particulars and hung up. And with every piece of shit that goes down, 100 more will take his place. Phone calls can be a real pain, but someone has to do it. In my line, its a norm to get shouted at, abused and most of the time, being told that the caller's matter is very important.

Some people drop names, others kept on calling and calling and calling to get their message across. I think the fact that I had to put up with an asshole like Edward was the low point in my day. So, I better go walk it off!
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