Friday, July 18, 2008

Last call for squid!

Yes, its Friday and well, I am not feeling too good. Think its a chest infection in the making... Anyways, went to my aunt's place in the afternoon to have lunch. Which was purty amazing cos she took some effort to dish out braised pork trotters. My favourite!

Received a call earlier in the day. Eddie couldn't make it. He said he had fever and all that jazz, which was rather strange cos the night before, the guy was upbeat. Oh, nevermind. I took his word for it. Still, there's three more fellahs for the trip.

I've planned it and would stick to the game all the way. The trip marks the end of all offshore fishing trips for this year. I must say that this year's squid season was rather disappointing.

Hopefully, all will go as planned.
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