Monday, July 14, 2008

Road blocks SUCKS!

What a sucky morning! I spent three hours cooped up in my car as the rush hour traffic came
to a crawl from Subang Jaya to the PJ Hilton interchange. I was cursing because two road
blocks were set by the cops at Sungai Rasah toll and the arch on the Federal Highway.I musta listened to three hourly traffic updates and still got caught in the jam. It
appeared that those who left rather early for work are the ones who got the brunt of the
massive congestion. And this happened all over the entry point to the city centre. It sucks when you have to listen to the traffic update loop and couldn't do anything about
it. Either ways, I was screwed. I left home at 7am and arrived at work about 10.30am. Lucky for me, I was on the desk
setting up the pages for Metro South and East, so, most of the work was done the day
before. Despite the setback, I managed to close the pages for Wednesday by 2:40pm, which
was mentally tiring. All good things said and done, I hope the cops won't pull another stunt like this again
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