Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Durian and drama..

Uncle Jimmy's char koay teow
David's stall
David at work
The Raja Kunyit or Mao San Wong

I made an exceptional round for my food trail column today by visiting two fruit stalls. Its 'FRUIT TRAIL' instead.

Well, I made good time by getting on my mark - lunch at Uncle Jimmy's char koay teow and later, head down to David Ong's stall at row 11 & 12 at the USJ 14 fruit stall. There was this ex-phai kia with a centipede tattoo hanging around there who is purty intimidating.

Anyways, that guy was no bother lah. I interviewed Ong who gave me some really interesting anecdotes. Prices of durian is at its lowest now. The D-24 variant is now at RM1 a piece, so, I wasted no time in buying 10 pieces. My dogs love it.

We had a good session and later, I proceeded to SS2 to interview Ah Wai, one of the stall supervisors.

It wasn't hard to spot the place cos its location is easy to find. Took some shots there and rushed back to the office with one Raja Kunyit fruit.

The cameraman ate some and well, since its such a good quality fruit, the admin fellas kicked up some fuss, saying that I would get a memo from HR for bringing durian into the office.

So, I removed it, and the smell kinda permeated around. Then came this reporter who gave some drama.

"Hey, was it you who brought the durian.. I hate durian! F#$(S!!!" and swoosh she took off on the elevator.
Well, so much for snobs. I knew she was a drama queen. I call her 'Tai Thou Mooi' (Big head Girl). Anyway, doesn't really bother me lah. If the HR wants some explanation, I am ready to face the music. After all, its only durian...
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