Friday, July 11, 2008

El Kookaraca

Two things strike terror to my soul. They Cockroaches and Dentists. While Dentists are not Cockroaches and most Cockroaches are found in wet, dark and damp places, I am particulary terrified of those that fly.

I keep getting images of these bugs crawling up my face and making its way to my mouth, then devouring my internal organs and breed an entire new generation of baby roaches. Maybe so if I drop dead!

Their spiny legs and long antennas gives me the creeps. So, last night, one made it up my shorts. And I know how they move, they creep up fast and before you know it, they are staring right at you between your eyes.

I wanted to spray them with insecticide, but Mrs Samo asked me to step aside while she grabs it and flushed it into the toilet bowl. I know it will survive. When mankind is gone, Roaches will RULE! Thankfully, our gurl has been hard at work exterminating Roaches on sight. She deserves a pat on the head and some denta treats.
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