Thursday, July 31, 2008

More durian drama...

Wah! Today the phone rang and rang and rang. And there was nothing by negative energy on the end of the line.

First off, some asshats called up to complain about a certain caption we played up on a backpage photo yesterday.

The guys were not happy because 'High Risk' was used as the choice word. So, I tried to play down the issue. None anyways.

Now, best of all, one reader by the name of 'James Ong' rang up. Complained that he couldn't get some D-24 durian for RM1.

He said all he got, was some bad ones and rejects. I told him that I reported as I saw it. I actually bought 10 pieces for RM1 each.

The bugger accused me of giving false report. My blood pressure went up? What the fuck? RM1 also want to make noise! Here I am, sharing my findings, that guy said he wasted petrol money finding that place and all that hoo hah! Then, he speculated that I am working in cahoot with the durian seller and tried to cover up the story when things got out of hand! Man, this is better than sodomy and sex scandal! Durian cover up! What the fuck?

Anyways, I told him the least I can do, is to tell the durian stall guy about it. I could have slammed down the phone, but since the caller was going on and on and on, I kept my cool. I knew that somehow or rather, if I blew my top, I looked bad. I kept quiet, listened and let the guy rant till he ran out of steam.

Funny thing was this was the only guy who made a big fuss throughout the whole day, only one guy. Maybe there's more lurking out there. I'll never know. There are plenty of cranky old buggers out there who insists they are right and above it all...
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