Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Walk! Walk!

The Kidz waiting for their walk
Enroute to the end of Road 26
A common sight - a Labraspitz hybrid
The Coney Dogs
Naughty taking his water after a long walk...

Already Tuesday and well, I have to say that the soggy weather didn't really help in getting some good shots for my food trail.

Furthermore, the Ramadhan (holy month for the Muslims) is a time for many outlets to rest. So, I think writing a food trail story would be a tough cookie to crack.

That said, I headed home early to to spend the rest of my time with my kidz. All I need to say is : "Walk! Walk!" and I can see the ears of my gurl going 'toinggggg!!!!'.

Since I don't have to work, I had the time to take my dogs out for a walk. Usually a 1.5km loop covering about 23minutes of walk time. We start from our gate, proceeding to the end of the road where an irritating Indian-Muslim bugger stays.

He occupies a corner lot and was very vocal when folks walk their dogs past his home. I think this guy is a retard. Everything about his looks says it all.

From the corner, we work our way down to the guard house. This is roughly about 650 metres.

Then, we proceed to the end of the fencing. There is a little gate that leads to the USJ 23 school.

I noticed that there was this corner house neighbour who has at least 10 dogs. Now, that's violating the local by-laws. I hope he won't get into trouble.

When I was walking the kidz past, I saw a puppy. This lil pooch is bow-legged. Musta been some bad in-breeding at hand. Poor dog.

From the corner, we worked our way back to road 2t6/1D where we live. And on the way, I went to road 26/1E to check out the 'Coney Dogs'.

No, its not the Tuesday A&W fast food specials but a pair of dogs that are perpuetually in cones.

The owner may think its cute to dress his pooches in T-shirts and cones, but I think the act is too much of an animal abuse case lah..

Oh well, all good things said and done, Tuesday is already kaputt! Tomorrow, I need to go into the office to file in my food trail story...

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