Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Farewell Mr Tan...

A buddy of mine Alfa Charlie had informed me about the passing of Mr Tan Hong Tatt @ Chin Soo Har. He was 59. I served under him for three years back in the days when I was a staff photographer.

He was a straight shooter with a nickname: 'Tai Sing Kung' (Loud Master). Tan died after he suffered a massive stroke. I visited his family at his home during a wake held in his honour. During my tenure as a pixman, Tan did impass some of his knowledge. I never kissed his ass or asked for any favours. In the eyes of many, he may be flawed, but I guess that was it when you have to work your way up - old school style. Not many people with such caliber these days.

I also had the privilage to work with his older brother Hong Guan at the New Straits Times. The elder Tan retired in 1998.

Well, all I can say is this: Unlike all the half-assed bosses I worked with at the Utusan and the New Straits Times, this man has the decency to wish me luck, shake my hands when I left the Star back in 1993. For this, I shall remember him.
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