Sunday, August 17, 2008

7 months : 1 hour : 15 mins

Part of my team with Y.P. Sivam, Fred Fernandez, Stuart Michael, Salina Khalid and Lim Chia Ying

Time flies! I can't believe it that I have been working at The Star for seven straight months. It was the best decision I've made in my life.

Yesterday at lunch, I met an old friend. He replaced a senior manager who was asked to leave by the New Straits Times for an alleged RM100,000 claim scam.

I was asked if food was my main bread and butter. Since the guy was okay (can't trust a Chinaman at the top of the scale there), I told him that I am now deskbound.

We avoided the unpleasant conversation about our indifferences. After all, 15 years of being treated like a third-class citizen was the max I would give at the old workplace.

He tried to gauge the stregth of my desk, asking a lot of probing questoins. I gave the sheer numbers and told him that even with the weakest link in question, its still a lot more better than his top reporters who are mostly spoon-fed.

I am very proud of my present team. They are young, motivated and professional. That is the saving grace in the nation's number one English daily.

They knew how to make the necessary sacrifices in pulling things together. This you won't find a the NST, a goner by today's standards.

But I guess with small circle there is, I would be meeting more and more ex-colleagues. To those who got left behind, I can only wish them all the best..
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