Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There's something about Naughty...

Grrrrr! This shot was taken by Thomas last year..
And the most recent shot..

We've been living with our boy for the last three years. Prior to socialising him with other dogs, we didn't notice his problem with agression. This is apparent with male dogs and well, certain folks he hated.

And for a Sibe, Naughty is one helluva barker. He barks loud and can go on barking till the cows come home.

Anyways, there were some rare moments when some of his trademarked agression moves were caught on the camera.

Thanks to bro Thomas Chai, a Sibe breeder in Seri Kembangan, I now have some photographic record of my fierce boy.. Its embarassing come to think of it..
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