Monday, August 18, 2008

Heeeree comes the crunch!

Whichever way I see it, I am screwed..

There's less than 13 days to go before the month's end. I dread it. Today, I was very lucky to have the Deputy Boss paying for lunch at a meeting with the bureau branch reporters. We had a meeting to weed out operational matters at our Star Media Hub in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

Met the crew there who had plenty of things to say in terms of their day-to-day operations and well, I guess as their managers and supervisors, there's two sides of the tale.

I have to put in two more days before breaking for 11 days which I will spend at home with the kidz and my wife. We are heading out at the end of the month for an outing and hopefully maintain a low expense.

Right now, I am merely surviving on spare change. Its been a tough month and I think things are gonna get even rougher. Funny thing is, my old man has yet to harass me for his monthly cash drop.

Way I see it, I think he might have been on the dough from the Lim Goh Tong charity fund my aunt Lorraine was talking about...
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