Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The best pork noodles in town...

I've been eating at Peking Hotel's coffeeshop for some time and the real treasure there was a pork noodles stall.

Its called "Peter's Pork Noodles" and frankly, they are the best in KL bar none. I am yet to come across any peers that can compare to this guy's rendition of the chee yuk fun.

Now, before I proceed, I just want to mention that I strive on the word 'freedom of choice'. We are free to pick and this made things worthwhile.

After writing about street food for a few years at the old workplace, I was slapped with an email from the top saying that pork should not be glorified.

My loss their gain. But a week later, a Mat Salleh contributor wrote a piece on German pork knuckles and was given a picture spread.

Double standard? I gave up completely and when I was asked to deliver food stories, I simply told the desk head that I don't eat Malay food cos there's no pork in it. End of the story.

They took it badly and this led to me taking my trade elsewhere. So, back to pork noodles! I must say that Peter is very generous in using lard and pork rind.

The soup is clogged with pig's fat and its an experience to slurp up the hot broth that comes with sliced liver, meat and pork mince.

What made this experience memorable, is the extra blast of chee yau char or pork cracklings. And at RM4.50 a pop, you cannot argue with the man lah!
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