Sunday, August 3, 2008

It was a rough week...

Well, I hope the situation will improve. It's already Monday and I don't see any reason why the day is gonna go down smooth.

Just have to minimise mistakes and plan the week ahead. Technically speaking, I will be working for 12 day straight without break. This means no bathing the kidz on next weekend because the whole section will be off to Awana in Genting for a get together.

My week before started with calls from idiots and this continued throughout the week. Whether its 'Yip's Kitchen' in Bandar Sunway or David Ong's RM1 per piece D-24 durian, people just have to find an excuse to waste time on the phone.

As I see it, there will be rough times ahead throughout the month. Bills need to be paid and food needed to be stocked.
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