Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beautiful Sunday.. Well, almost..

Mrs Samo and the Coonster
Birthday Gurls : Chaos and Queenie
The KFC clan with their birthday cake
Naughty having a go at the special doggy cake
My boy in post Siberia

Merdekaaaa!!!! Yes, its a lazy Sunday, we got up rather late than the usual. Got the kidz ready for their outing at 1 Utama's Central Park, where their fellow working dogs Chaos, Fawkes, Kosmos, Milo, Dasher, Boogah, KiKo and two new pups Milo and Axl are waiting.

It's the Siberian Husky Club's outing to celebrate Chaos and Fawkes' birtdays. Well, this time round, we took our time and arrived at the park rather late.

But being as it is, it was a holiday, so, no need to rush for parking spaces cos there were plenty. We found a spot at the middle of the field and set base there.

Club prez Debby did a good job by organising the foodstuff cooked by her fiancee' Andrew. We provided soft drinks and disposable plastic cups.

And since our boy is a domineering alpha pooch, we anchored him far away. The day went down smooth till my office recalled me back to work.

Otherwise, it has been a good day. My body is aching and the brains are numb! Hahahahahah!!!
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