Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day One..

Nine days left. Back to work that is. It was a rainy morning and there's really nothing much that can be done.

I spent the whole morning chilling out with the kidz. Later, a trip to the supermarket to stock up some food.

There weren't much action on the knife forum either. I guess everyone is waiting for something to happen.

Which comes to say that one cannot expect too much from a crowd that has no initiative and drive.

Malaysian knife collectors in general, are a selfish lot. They get what they want, but hardly share their findings.

I notice this even on at the international level. Now, how many folks from Malaysia are really outstanding?

That aside, I just took off one name off my facebook's friends list. The guy who called me a bastard.

Yep. He's history. On a more positive note, I took the kidz out for their much awaited walk.

We did a whole loop, about 1.6km including a trip to the USJ 23 secondary school.

Sounds like fun, and I guess we'll have to excercise more. Can't believe that the whole day is gone.

Gotta get down to the kitchen to prepare food for the Mrs. Otherwise, its a good day!
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