Monday, August 25, 2008

There goes my Monday...

Had a slow start today. Need to get the car serviced, so, I picked a workshop at USJ 20.

Seems to be a purty decent place to send the car cos Perodua's service outlet only does their customer service for 24-months. The rest, you can literally go to hell..

Anyways, the mandatory oil change was way overdue. I mean, way, way overdue. I was supposed to have sent in the car when it hit 32K on the road.

I last checked, it was 52K. Yes. I gambled and well, after the mechanic checked it out, he told me that there were no wear on the engine.

I was surprised to see the oil level which was still good. The car had its air, oil filter, transmission fluid, brake and radiator fluid changed.

And the oil change too! The workshop guys recommended a thinner blend of motor oil for the MyVi.

Total damage - RM235.00, which is not bad at all. It did not exceed my expectations.
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