Thursday, August 14, 2008

The road to recovery...

Seems that my flu had gotten worse. I went to the company doctor for prescription on Monday, with the chills minus the mild fever.

She prescribed me some cold tablets and this yucky cough mixture. And yes, it did offer temporary relief.

But that was that lah. Yesterday, I got the chills. Cold sweat and the body is telling me that something is not right.

So, after coming back from field work, I went back to the company doctor, this time, a man, for a second opinion.

Seems that my lymph nodes are still inflamed. Plenty of phelgm on the right side of the chest. The doctor said that mucus is flowing back into my chest and the infection on the glands caused fluctuating in body temperature -- hence, the chills and cold sweat.

That said, a more aggressive treatment was prescribed. I am now on antibiotics and hopefully, the flu will be put under control.. Need all the extra strength there is for the weeks to come.
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