Monday, March 28, 2011

2009 Dahon Curve SLBE - Brutal Edition

The latest incarnation: with a Minoura Space Bar and twin LED lights
The twin lights

GPS navigation, hydration, safety air horn and the twin lights
Finally, I've added a Minoura Space Bar to my Dahon Curve SL's handlebar.
Right now, its the most evil little bike in my neighbourhood.
Not exactly super lightweight as compared to bikepacking guru TT Siang's Curve SL, this little fella is ready to take on the streets as a town bike.
While the Curve series lacks the punch when it comes to going the extra distance, its distinct advantage is its size and weight.
I've added the time-proven Minoura Space Bar to fit a pair of Cateye HL-EL530 which is said to be 50% brighter (2010 models).
They fit like a glove on the Space Bar and with a little alignment, the ligths would shine on a single beam.
Sadly, due to bad Quality Control, the LED beams are not consistent in colour. 
One is off-white, almost yellowish and the other is blueish. 
I think I might give the Roxim lights a try.. If they are as good as they claim to be.
Or, the Princetontec Push, which is not available in our country. Well, maybe a trip to REI in the US would sort this out.
I'm pretty happy with the lights on the space bar.
With the Minoura water bottle cage adaptor integrated with a Topeak two-timer hand pump, the rig is complete.
I'm not so concerned with the extra weight as the Curve SL could take it.
The real test, is a night ride around Putra Heights.. And that is just what I need!
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