Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo Malaysia Makan & Cycle series 2

The Photo Malaysia crew at Putrajaya
I had the honour of cycling with a group of photography hobbyists and professionals last Saturday.
It was held at Putrajaya's Precinct 9 at 8:30am.
The night before was hell as I've had quite a few beers with some friends in town.
So, it was a struggle to get up early and set up the bike for a ride.
Putrajaya is roughly about 25-minutes drive from my house, so, making it before 08:30am was no issue.
I met Mr Maxby Chan who organised the event along with Eddie Putra, one of the forum moderators.
There were about a dozen other people whom I became acquainted with.
At the last stage of the ride, I saw some cyclists and their folding bikes at a cafe, some 2km before the end of the ride at Precinct 9.
They've parked their Dahons neatly in a row and was about to finish with their affair.
The ride lasted about two hours covering about 23km around the Putrajaya lakeside.
I think if there are future riders, I would be there...
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