Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Bicycling is not about class
Roadies, Mounties, Tourers, Fixies and Foldies.
These are the lables given to different classes of bicyclists.
A funny thought came to mind as two cyclists in their hybrid bikes rode by when Michelle and I were completing our training ride in Hulu Langat recently.
They gave a dirty look on our little folding bikes and actually kept at our pace.
A young guy and an old fart were riding parallel to us, as if the foldies (that's what they called folks with folding bikes) are not fit enough to ride the mountainous roads of Hulu Langat.
This is also apparent at the Ministry of Health's 50km challenge which was held sometime last year.
It was categorised as an 'open' event, but was dominated by Roadies wearing full jerseys.
Some of them, ride marshalls were rude and condesending to other cyclists especially families and Foldies.
As a Foldie myself, I never looked at bicycling from a competitive perspective.
Cycling is a form of excercise and relaxation.
I put the bike on the road to have a good time. Not compete or make a bold statement.
The Roadies, Mounties, Tourers and Fixies can have it their way.
As a cyclist, I don't need to prove anything to any of the classes to gain their acceptance.
This is purely because we Foldies are in a class of our own.
And as the bikes becomes better and faster, its just a matter of time for the Foldies to leave some Roadies in a trail of smoke.. Amen!
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